What is hair transplant?
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What is hair transplant?

What is hair transplant?

Define the process of hair implants as a type of surgery by which bald areas in the head or beard are filled. These processes are performed using different techniques. All techniques of hair implants depend on the principle of picking hair from the circular area and planting it in bald or dense areas.

The specialist physician cleans the scalp and then perform anesthesia on the head before commencing the operation.

Hair transplant Steps:

Before Surgery:

  • diagnosis stage: At this stage, the patient is diagnosed whether or not a hair transplant is possible. you can find out more information about The right candidate for hair transplant
  • The main reason for the success of the hair transplant is the strength of the circular region.
  • The determination of the cropping area is made at this stage to determine the area in which the hair will be grown once the hair has been completely shaved.
  • Local anesthesia after determining the area for hair transplantation, a physician anesthesia the area with local anesthesia in the cortex.


During the Surgery:

After the anesthesia phase is completed, the scalp should be slightly anesthetized to avoid any pain during the hair transplant. Then the picking phase begins in which the bulbs are gleaned from the circular  area through a micromotors device designed to pick bulbs in an accurate manner suited to all hair types. MediKoy hospital doctors carefully select the right bulbs from the circular area so as not to cause space in the harvesting area. The bulbs are then preserved in a special liquid used to transport organs that preserves and feeds them as they are in their natural position.

Channel opening stage:

After withdrawing the bulbs, the specialist physician will open the fine channels where the plucked hair bulbs will be grown, using a special device, and MediKoy doctors will ensure that the tubes in which the hair will be grown at an Angle compatible with the normal hair growth path.

Hair transplantation stage:

These are those from the previous phase in which the medical team transplants the bulbs to show the normal hair transplants. Medikoy hospital is very interested in cultivating the front line so that the hair is condensed to the proper shape of the patient. Normally the hair transplants take 3 to 4 hours depending on the patient and the number of bulbs grown. you can find more information about THE DAY OF THE HAIR TRANSPLANT

Untying the bandage and wash:

After two days of surgery, the bandage is carefully removed and the head washed thoroughly and the patient is trained to wash his hair hygienically.

How Safe Is Hair Transplant In Turkey?

Years back women only were queuing for plastic surgery, but as time goes by both men and women are on the same queue. Men on the other hand, usually focus on one subject, that is the hair transplant. Almost every year, more than $5 billion is spent for hair transplant on a global scale. Turkey has now become a center where hundreds of hospitals and clinics are serving for hair transplant and MEDIKOY hospital happens to be one of the leading ones. Every year, thousands of men visit Istanbul to plant hair. As a result of the intensive demand of Turkish men and hair transplant tourists in recent years, many plastic surgeons have specialized in this field. After the great devaluation of the Turkish lira against the world currencies in 2018, hair transplant became economically more attractive in Istanbul.

Concerns of the patients of hair transplant

The most concerning matter for the patient is the hair falling within the first weeks, thinking that the newly implanted hair start falling out, but these falling hair follicles are nothing but a proof that the newly implanted follicles within the scalp are growing, because the implanted grafts are not empty, they have tiny follicles in them, and when they are implanted, these grafts start to take the nutrition they need from the blood perfusion and oxygen to grow and get strong within the scalp, and when the follicles begin to stabilize and grow within the scalp, the first factor start to show is the falling of the old follicles in preparation for the emergence of the newly implanted hair follicles, therefore, hair loss in the first three months is an evidence of the new grafts are well planted.

Different Types of Hair Transplant Surgery

There are numerous types of hair transplants and their chances of success all depend on the experience and qualifications of the surgeon the extent and exact causes of the patient’s hair loss and how well the patient adheres to the specific aftercare instructions provided by the surgeon. The first thing that you and your surgeon at MEDIKOY need to figure out before even worrying about all of those things, however, is what type of procedure is the most suitable for your particular circumstances and will reduce your chances of hair transplant surgery failure.

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT)

FUT Medikoy for hair transplant

Follicular unit transplants, also known as the strip method, involve choosing an appropriate donor site on another part of the patient’s body from which to take units of hair. The units of hair are removed in small groups and there’s usually some bodily tissue attached to the bottom to facilitate implantation in the recipient area where the hair loss is occurring.

If this procedure is done correctly, then the success rate of the implantation should be 95% to 98%. Following that, your doctor at medikoy hospital  will provide you with a very precise set of aftercare instructions that you need to adhere to throughout the recovery period.



FUT Medikoy for hair transplant

  • One of the most advantages of FUT over FUE is that large numbers of follicle units can be transplanted in one session.
  • During an FUE, the greatest number of follicle units transferred is about 2,000. On the other hand, an FUT may involve the transfer of 4,000 follicle units.
  • The FUT method also allows for "super sessions", which allows up to 5,000 follicle units to be transferred in one appointment. For patients who need to transplant a large quantity of follicles, this provide a great convenience, and is the most economical option.
  • FUT is also the recommended for patients who cannot commit to multiple surgery dates.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

The concept of follicular unit extraction is similar to follicular unit transplant, except for the fact that the procedure itself is far more invasive and intricate.

Rather than taking small groups of hair follicles simultaneously from then donor site, this process involves extracting only a single hair follicle at a time and implanting it into the recipient site.

It takes a lot longer to complete and is ideal for patients who are only in the beginning stages of hair loss or experiencing a minimal amount of it. Again, as long as everything goes according to plan and your surgeon is extremely meticulous with their technique, this particular procedure has a success rate of 100%.


FUT Vs FUE Medikoy for hair transplant

  • The direction of hair growth can be determined as desired. Thus, it is much more possible to give the hair a more natural look.
  • It is not necessary to open channels in the area where hair will be planted.
  • Since no holes are drilled in the area where hair transplant is performed, the healing process becomes much shorter.
  • Since no shaving is needed, the patient can return daily routine after the surgery without any interruption.


There are other hair transplanting methods that can be adopted in making a successful hair transplantation, these methods included the robotic hair transplant, the neo graft hair transplant, and also the smart graft hair transplant.


Robotic Hair Transplants

This is an effective, convenient, and affordable alternative solution to the traditional FUE procedure. It is clearly proven that FUE does have an extremely high success rate as mentioned above. Robotic hair transplants are just as effective and accurate, but they come with the added bonus of cutting the surgical time in half. If this is something, you’re interested in exploring further, then you should speak to us, the transplant specialist about it immediately.

Neo Graft Hair Transplants

This FUE technique facilitates the hair extraction and implantation process by harvesting the hair follicles that are essentially being transported from one location to another and keeps them fresh for a longer period of time. The lifespan of a hair follicle once it’s been extracted from the body is very short and therefore, this is a very delicate procedure that needs to be done with the utmost precision in order to guarantee a high success rate. Like its predecessors, if this procedure is completed correctly, it can have a success rate of up to 98%.


Factors That Affect the Success Rate of a Hair Transplant

As with any surgical procedure, there are always different factors that could potentially hurt your chances of achieving favorable hair restoration results. Here are just a few that you should be aware of and discuss with your doctor at medikoy during your initial consultation.

  • Physician’s skills and credentials
  • Size of the bald spot to be treated
  • Underlying health conditions causing the hair loss
  • Hair transplantation technique used
  • Thickness, texture, and quality of hair from the circular site
  • Scalp care throughout recovery period
  • Patient’s hair care habits

Each and every single one of these factors plays a key role when it comes to determining how successful your hair restoration treatment or surgical procedure is going to be. In medikoy hospital, we will carefully examine the affected area where the hair loss is occurring, as well as your physical health, to rule out the possibility that autoimmune diseases or other conditions may be causing your hair loss and therefore proceed with your treatment.

How Our Hair Transplant Hospital Can Help You

Are you considering getting a hair transplant procedure done, but worried that it may not work for you?

MEDIKOY Specialists Hospital can help you restore your hair’s natural texture, beauty, and thickness in almost no time. We use all of the above-mentioned techniques at our practice so that we can ensure that all of our patients’ needs are well taken care of regardless of the reason behind their hair loss. To learn more about the various hair loss treatment techniques we use at our hospital and how well they will work for you, then kindly schedule a consultation today!

After the transplant

The hair that is being transplanted is totally lost in about a month. This is expected and perfectly normal. After losing all in 1 month, the new hair appears approximately in few months time. According to the technique used, the yield may come up to 90%. However, shortening of this period is up to the patient. Post-hair transplant processes are very important for the success of hair transplant. During the first 10-day period, special care must be taken, washing lotions and shampoo prescribed should be used. After 10 days, the person can easily return to normal life.
To make it short and precise, one has to know that hair transplant is safe in Turkey if you find the right clinic like ours. Just a note that we can make you more handsome with wavy hair.


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