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Eyebrow hair transplantation is one of the most precise types of hair transplantation Depend on the technology, experience and skills of the doctor in charge of the process.

This process of eyebrow transplantation is characterized by choosing the hair follicles to be picked and to be planted in the eyebrows.

Note that the process of eyebrow transplantation takes more time than expected compared to the number of follicles to be cultivated because the process is accurate and need high skill in the selection of follicles to be planted and in the process of opening channels because it must be at a relatively sharp angle compared to the hair of the head to give a natural appearance in terms of hair direction, quality and smoothness.


Now you can grow your hair without even tingling the needle. Needle free injection technology (NFIT) One of the latest transdermal drug delivery systems is based on the principle of gas pressure that spreads the drug through the skin, This technology is very useful not only in the fields of scientific and medical research, but also in the field of vaccines, especially in the developing world for its ease of use and speed of administration. Note that we have seen such technology in science fiction movies decades ago because as every invention is at first a fantasy or a dream, where the same technology was used in some films of Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible) The same technique is used today at Medikoy Hospital to spread the local anesthetic under the skin layers.

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Raw garlic is known to be rich in vitamin C content which is great for promoting healthy hair. It also promotes collagen production that helps stimulate hair growth. Garlic also has antimicrobial properties that help kill germs and bacteria that cause damage to the scalp, further inhibiting hair growth.

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Our doctors are highly experienced at Medikoy Hospital. We will assure and guarantee that our hospital will work perfectly in restoring your natural hair without any signs of a hair transplant

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Olive oil moisturizes the hair and reduces irritation of the scalp, which reduces dandruff. It is also rich in vitamin E, which makes hair strong and prevents hair loss. Regular massage with olive oil can solve the problem of hair split and hair loss.




When the scalp is injected with plasma, it regenerates cells and stimulates the production of collagen and protein (two substances that form the middle layer of the skin, which gives the skin freshness and vitality). Inhibiting the hormone that causes hair loss.



Watermelon naturally contains a lot of citrulline which increases the level of arginine and is therefore good for promoting hair growth. Also, watermelon is full of vitamin C, which helps your body use iron, which ensures that there is enough iron in red blood cells to help carry oxygen to the hair follicles, and promote healthy hair. It also helps promote collagen formation necessary for healthy hair growth.



Watercress is a treasure trove of various minerals and vitamins that helps keep your scalp healthy and clean as it remains moist and conditioned, thus preventing dry scalp that causes dandruff and scales.

Watercress also prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth as vitamin A in watercress provides nutrients necessary for massive hair growth.


At this stage, the medical staff prepares and separates the follicles from the old skin residues to prepare them for the new area to be grown. Our medical team puts these follicles after they are equipped with the hypotensive medical liquid responsible for preserving and feeding the follicles in this waiting phase before they are planted in the channels that the doctor opened in the area to be grown. We care about the finer details at every stage of the hair transplant.

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Periodic shaving of the tail ends of the hair keeps the hair from breaking by getting rid of the broken and damaged part of the hair. It also helps to protect soft and light hair from falling it increases its density and works to increase and renew the activity of the scalp. In general, it increases the beauty, luster and attractiveness of the hair and helps to obtain long, healthy and smooth hair.






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