Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is a facial and mouth treatment which plans to give patients the ideal immaculate look, it may take up to a week and the treatment may comprise of overlay facade popularly known as veneers, tooth bleaching or crowns. The point of the treatment is to finished makeover of the teeth as per patient’s needs. Hollywood smile maybe either the cleaning and whitening of the tooth or even rearranging and reshaping the teeth in accordance to the need of the patient.

Reason to have your Hollywood Smile in Turkey.

One will get to visit one of the historical places on earth, not just traveling for a medical tourism but going round to have the exposure of seeing culture in the midst of diversity.

Unlike other countries where the patient get to spend too much on accommodation,  and tour services, our clinic will cover that just for you, and you will get to experience the adventures of life in turkey.

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is not as some see it as a product that dentists have, but it is a procedure that is done such as cosmetic operations that need local anesthetic and for an attractive smile and consistent teeth some resort to this simple but expensive process, and can get a beautiful smile through Whitening the color of your teeth even gives you an attractive appearance and self confidence.


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