Babe Tube in Turkey



What is Tube Babies?

Tube babies are the term commonly used to refer to the children conceived using the IVF “IN-VETRO FERTILIZATION”. This process involves the fertilization of the eggs using the test tube, the sperm of the male and that of the female will be combined and kept in a tube this process is done when the embryo is three to five days, after which it will be transferred to the uterus.


When to do the procedure of tube babe?

The process is done within three to five days sometimes six days in which the eggs of the male and the female are combined in the tube and allowed to divide 2-4 times, after which then the combined eggs will be transferred back to the females uterus and then be allowed to grow and develops naturally for the purpose of having pregnancy that will be successful.

The process and procedure

A test tube baby pregnancy, or In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), serves as an alternative to the normal and natural way of reproducing. It can be an option to the infertile. And the process or procedure involves the following.

  • Natural Menstrual Circle, First the woman is given fertility medication to stimulate egg production.
  • Super Ovulation Next, the eggs are surgically removed (with anesthetic).
  • Egg Retrieving Then, the man provides a sample of sperm.
  • Fertilization & Insemination In a lab the sperm is combined with the eggs, sometimes by injecting sperm directly into the eggs.
  • Embryo Transfer Once fertilized, the embryos are transferred back into the woman by a small tube or sometimes kept in the tube.

The process is reckoned to be fairly painless. Rarely do women experience grave side effects (if you do you are recommended to see a doctor immediately).

Why to have your tube babies procedure in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the cheapest destinations to go for your medical tourism, turkey being a center for advancement and technology; it will be a great idea to have your baby tube procedure in one of the famous countries that specialized on baby tube procedure. Having to see the beauty and the rich culture of turkey. Having your baby tube procedure in turkey will guarantee you a success story and a healthy baby. Baby tube procedure has been in existence since around 1970, but was introduced few decades ago in turkey and has become a huge success story that is widely recognized worldwide.

The cost of baby tube procedure in turkey.

Baby tube procedure in turkey is way cheaper than in many countries that also have this system in their hospitals, in turkey, one can have the range from $ 3,000 up to $5,000 for a successful baby tube process.

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