Cosmetic surgery in MEDIKOY is the best choice for hundreds of people who wish to have plastic surgery in Turkey from around the world because of the skill of MEDIKOY Hospital's medical staff. Many clients tell us about the great sense of self-confidence after cosmetic surgery at MEDIKOY Hospital

The cosmetic operations in MEDIKOY are carried out according to the latest technologies in the world in order to provide the best treatment services to our clients with continuous follow-up of cases, which may last for one year after cosmetic

In this blog you will find the most important information about cosmetic surgery and services in MEDIKOY


A dental crown is a tooth-formed or shaped like a cap, known as dental caps, which covers and fills a messed-up tooth by being set over the tooth, to upgrade its functions and appearance. It's a kind of dental rebuilding, can likewise assist you with chewing better

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is not as some see it as a product that dentists have, but it is a procedure that is done such as cosmetic operations that need local anesthetic and for an attractive smile and consistent teeth some resort to this simple but expensive process, and can get a beautiful smile through Whitening the color of your teeth even gives you an attractive appearance and self confidence.


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