Hollywood Smile
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Hollywood Smile

Hollywood smile is not as some see it as a product that dentists have, but it is a procedure that is done such as cosmetic operations that need local anesthetic and for an attractive smile and consistent teeth some resort to this simple but expensive process, and can get a beautiful smile through Whitening the color of your teeth even gives you an attractive appearance and self confidence.

Method of teeth whitening Hollywood smile:

Measures necessary:

Many people have questions about how to get a Hollywood smile in just half an hour. The answer to this question is that it is really possible to get the most beautiful smile that gives the person self-confidence in this simple period by taking the measurements of the teeth with a small digital device that depicts the tooth and sends it to The device that was filmed so that the age of the product is very similar to the normal age in size and shape so as not to make any error in the manufacture, and in the clinic, the doctor uses a device to beautify the teeth in order to whiten in a session known as the circus 4, Technology Road A laser and there is no symptoms or side effects on the patient, and this device is the basis of the secret smile of Hollywood, which has become widespread in the recent tradition of celebrities.


People are nominated for Hollywood Smile:
Before taking any step in this process to get a smile Hollywood it is necessary that the candidate is healthy and has no infections or any type of infection, or even problems in the teeth or gums, so that no complications occur and candidates for this process are:
1. Those who have differences between teeth since childhood because the distance between them increases with age.
2. Irregular teeth, both in size and length.
3. Injury to the teeth fractures or any other injuries affecting the shape.
4. Prosthetic or pointed teeth.
5. Teeth that have yellowing or dark spots can remove these spots and whiten the teeth to get a Hollywood smile.


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