Before and After Hair Transplant

Before and After

Many people are now able to carry out hair transplantation easily and to treat baldness or scalp problems that cause distress and loss of self-esteem, especially men, where a large group of young people and elderly suffer from chronic baldness problems caused by the effect of testosterone that affects the strength of the follicle and causes The fall of the follicles gradually increases in age.

A large number of people can rely on hair transplantation to restore youthful appearance without any serious side effects. For example,

A person who suffers from baldness problems, but partial, a small part of the hair was lost from the front or the middle where the technique is used to provide these areas with real hair follicles that grow again through an equal and precise distribution.
Also for those who have suffered some bruises or burns, which led to the removal of a large part of the tufts or fall of the bulbs, but the scalp is still able to germinate new holes in this case is based on the technique of taking or some of the latest technologies and developed, such as Newgraft technology or the technology of pencil Choi.
In the case of exposure to some effective medical drugs such as cancer treatment drugs that cause hair follicles to fall into a temporary image where the blood circulation is re-activated and the implantation of new follicles, women are relying on plasma or mesotherapy injections to treat it.

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