Cosmetic surgery in MEDIKOY is the best choice for hundreds of people who wish to have plastic surgery in Turkey from around the world because of the skill of MEDIKOY Hospital's medical staff. Many clients tell us about the great sense of self-confidence after cosmetic surgery at MEDIKOY Hospital

The cosmetic operations in MEDIKOY are carried out according to the latest technologies in the world in order to provide the best treatment services to our clients with continuous follow-up of cases, which may last for one year after cosmetic

In this blog you will find the most important information about cosmetic surgery and services in MEDIKOY


Weight loss do include a variety types of procedures performed on patients who are obese. It is done by reducing the size of the stomach by implanting a medical device or by the removal of a portion of the stomach or by resecting and re-routing the small intestines to a small stomach pouch which is referred to as the gastric bypass surgery


Tummy tuck also known as “Abdominoplasty” is a surgical procedure to make the abdomen thinner and firmer. It is the process of cutting or removing excess skin and fat tissues and muscles from the tummy. In some patients, this can be combined with liposuction. There are several different types of tummy tuck surgery, this comprises of the regular tummy tuck, mini tummy tuck, and the extended tummy tuck each designed to target certain areas of the abdomen


Obesity is a well-known health problem. The rate of Obesity increases with each passing day both in developed, underdeveloped and developing countries. Obesity saw an increase between 10 and 30 percent over 10 years, according to research carried out by the World Health Organization (WHO).


What is Vaser Liposuction?
This technology is one of the most modern techniques used, called body sculpting, or dynamic body sculpting, a technique that relies on excess fat withdrawal from the body and the ability to dissolve enough fat in record time.

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