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The problem of fat from the troublesome problems that cause anxiety and tension to many people, which makes them looking for the best techniques appropriate with them in the disposal of excess body fat, one of these techniques is the advantage of liposuction by the button and we will review more details about them.


What is Vaser Liposuction?

This technology is one of the most modern techniques used, called body sculpting, or dynamic body sculpting, a technique that relies on excess fat withdrawal from the body and the ability to dissolve enough fat in record time.

Advantages of Vaser liposuction:

• This process is one of the best modern techniques in the suction of excess fat because it underlines a large proportion of the fat accumulated in the body.
• The device designed to get rid of excess fat works to get rid of fat without affecting the tissues of the body at the same time.
• This technique protects the patient from exposure to bleeding that may be exposed in some other techniques.
• This process has nothing to do with body weight, it just sculpts the body and beautify its outer shape, because it rid the body of fat, fat and cellulite.
• This technique is suitable in many different places of the body such as: roquia, chest, abdomen, thighs, thighs and it addresses substantive obesity.

Disadvantages of Vaser liposuction:

Some disadvantages of this process are:
• This technique may cause the presence of second or third degree burns in some.
• Some skin color changes may occur where the procedure is performed.
• There is a possibility of some blood clots that may extend to the lungs or brain.
• The body is exposed to infection due to surgery.
• Occurrence occurs in the ultrasound that is able to penetrate the depths and cause damage to tissues.
• A fluid imbalance can occur in the body if the body is injected with excess fluid, in which case kidney damage may occur.
• This technique, like other techniques, may lead to swelling and bruising at the place of operation.

Cases that do not benefit liposuction through the Vaser:

• This technique treats cellulite.
• This technique does not treat the laxatives on the skin.
• This technique does not eliminate excess weight, it only works to sculpt the body and improve the body's outer shape.




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