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NEOGRAFT Technology

Many people are  following the latest developments in the field of hair transplant, especially those suffering from multiple scalp problems, including people suffering from hair loss or partial or total baldness. Recently, this area has seen a number of developments through the provision of assisted techniques To complete the process of hair transplant easily and without any side effects, including those techniques is the technique - Neograft - this technique that helps to transfer the bulbs from different places in the body to the scalp at the same moment, so let us know more details about those Technology in the lines Mechanism. 

Definition of NEOGRAFT:

Neograft hair transplantation : is one of the most famous hair transplant techniques currently being studied. It extracts mature or double follicles from various areas of the body such as the chest area or legs and behind the head, so that it is implanted immediately in the other area where it is used. A special robot assists the doctor in completing the hair transplant, with impressive results within a short period of time and with no significant human errors as in the past.

NEOGRAFT Hair Transplant Method:

In the beginning, the doctor will study the patient's condition and look for the causes of the fall and later determine the final image to be reached and then prepare for that process through the use of some creams that help to anesthetize the scalp, and then make cracks very accurate the size of the bulb under the supervision of the doctor here The nigraft device is used to pick up the bulbs and to implant them with precision and uniform distribution to suit the general picture of the patient. A medical bandage is worn for three days and later removed and some medical creams are used. In no more than 30 days, For the desired result.

cost of NEOGRAFT hair transplantation:

 One of the disadvantages of the technique of the NewJraft is the cost of a little compared to many other hair transplant techniques, for example, starting from $ 8800 per thousand bulbs and therefore in cases of partial or total baldness may cost large amounts, and may also vary depending on the type of center and the state that Hair is implanted, and the United States and Canada are more expensive than Turkey and various Gulf countries.


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