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is a new hair transplant technique used by doctors, it is done during the opening of the channels in which the hair follicles will be planted and can be applied in parallel and compatible with all techniques of hair transplantation techniques such as the FUE the DHI and the rest. OSL is an advanced hair transplantation technique that depends first and foremost on the skill and experience of the doctor. In OSL technology, needles and medical scalpels are not used; the surgery is conducted with very fine blades, thinner than needles and very sharp. And vary in size and dimensions depending on the type of hair follicle and according to the nature of scalp skin.

The state-of-the-art modern inventions and technological know-how is now moving to work on the treatment of baldness through the development of hair transplantation techniques to be more effective and safer, and give better results. For this reason, if you are still hesitant about hair transplantation. We recommend that you look at hair transplantation differently and in a positive way, just visit MEDKIOY HOSPITAL ISTANBUL for a sharp, smart, and an outstanding look.



  • It is a new technique in hair transplantation to open the canals that the grafts will be implanted in. it can be used in all hair transportation methods (FUT and FUE). And it doesn’t utilize any electronic or complicated equipment.
  • It is an advanced hair transplantation technique that depends solemnly on the hand skills of the surgeon, his/her experience and knowledge of the type of grafts that he/she is implanting and their nature. At Medikoy hospital, to open the oblique canal with OSL we don’t use needles or scalpels, we use blades tinier and sharper than a needle. And the dimensions are related to the type of the grafts and the nature of the scalp.


  1. OSL doesn’t cause damage in the tissues and cells of the scalp.
  2. The grafts are implanted in the right place and direction that ensures keeping them alive.
  3. Wounds are smaller and tinier so they heal faster.
  4. OSL Gives natural looks and hair grows in the desired direction.
  5. OSL procedure Makes the operation unnoticeable by people unless the patient told about it.




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