Cosmetic surgery in MEDIKOY is the best choice for hundreds of people who wish to have plastic surgery in Turkey from around the world because of the skill of MEDIKOY Hospital's medical staff. Many clients tell us about the great sense of self-confidence after cosmetic surgery at MEDIKOY Hospital

The cosmetic operations in MEDIKOY are carried out according to the latest technologies in the world in order to provide the best treatment services to our clients with continuous follow-up of cases, which may last for one year after cosmetic

In this blog you will find the most important information about cosmetic surgery and services in MEDIKOY

What is Hair Transplantation with the FUT Technique?

It is also known as the strip method. The FUT method is a method of transferring hair roots in clusters, not individually

What is the FUE technique?

The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure is the process of taking the follicular unit (hair roots) from the donor area one by one

The Differences Between the FUE Technique and the FUT Technique

In FUT technique, hair is harvested together with the skin from the area at the nape of the neck with incisions in strips. This harvested strip is divided into pieces without separating the good quality from the bad quality hair roots, and transplanted onto the areas without hair.


OSL (OBLIQUE SIMI-LATERAL) is a new hair transplant technique used by doctors, it is done during the opening of the channels in which the hair follicles will be planted and can be applied in parallel and compatible with all techniques of hair transplantation techniques such as the FUE the DHI and the rest. OSL is an advanced hair transplantation technique that depends first and foremost on the skill and experience of the doctor

Hair transplantation with the DHI Technique

The DHI hair transplant technique is one of the techniques developed from the FUE technique.


Definition of NEOGRAFT:

Neograft hair transplantation : is one of the most famous hair transplant techniques currently being studied. It extracts mature or double follicles from various areas of the body such as the chest area or legs and behind the head, so that it is implanted immediately in the other area where it is used. A special robot assists the doctor in completing the hair transplant, with impressive results within a short period of time and with no significant human errors as in the past.

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