The right candidate for hair transplant
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The right candidate for hair transplant

The right candidate for hair transplant

Many people are now able to do hair transplant easily and address baldness problems or scalp spaces that cause distress and loss of self-confidence, especially men, where a large group of young people and the elderly suffer from chronic baldness problems due to the effect of testosterone, which affects the strength of the follicles and causes Tufts fall gradually when they get older.

so let's answer that question posed by a large number of people.

“Who is the right candidate for hair transplantation of men”?
  • Those with partial balding problems that have lost a small part of their hair from the front or the middle.
  • Also, for those who have suffered some bruises or burns that led to the removal of a large part of the hair or the loss of follicles, but the scalp is still able to germinate new hair. In that case, relying on one of the modern techniques of Choi pen technique is essential.
  • In the cases of exposure to some effective medical drugs such as cancer treatment drugs that causes loss of hair follicles for a temporary time where the revitalization of blood circulation and the cultivation of new hair, in this case, an injection of plasma or mesotherapy will be used for the treatment.

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